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Online therapy has been dubbed “counseling for the new millennium.” It is an affordable, convenient, and discrete method of receiving therapy, and research suggests equally effective when compared to traditional outcomes. There are many reasons why someone who thinks they would benefit from counseling never seeks support:  they may live in a rural area, travel too frequently to maintain a regular appointment, don’t have access to reliable transportation, or can’t find time in their busy lives to commit an hour plus a week to an in-office appointment. Other’s fear the judgment of those who might see them going in or out of the therapists’ office or experience too much anxiety to leave the house for this purpose.   Online therapy is an excellent alternative for any of these life circumstances!

Main Benefits of Using Online Therapy

While online therapy is not for everyone or every condition, there are many benefits for those dealing with anxiety, depression, relationship issues, self-esteem, perfectionism, parenting challenges, work and school related stressors, adjustments to new phases in life, and those simply in need of some objective, non-judgmental reflection on living. Benefits of online therapy include:

  • Pricing: While regular office visits average $145 per week, the online subscription provides 24/7* access for around $54 per week.  This includes one 30-minute live video or phone session, and unlimited messaging each month.  You can upgrade to a 45, or 60-minute live session for an additional fee, as well as purchase additional live sessions per month on an as needed basis.  

  • Proximity: With online counseling there is no longer a need to seek out help within your city limits.  Therapy takes place wherever you are.

  • Efficiency: With traditional in-office therapy, the need to talk or seek support does not always match up with the weekly scheduled hour. With online therapy, you can share your thoughts any time of the day, any day of the week.

  • Flexibility: You have access to therapy anytime, anywhere, on a schedule that fits YOUR needs! With an online therapy subscription, you have the option of scheduling a live video or phone session, AND sending a message whenever support is needed. All you need is your device and a few minutes of privacy.

  • Privacy: Oftentimes people don’t seek therapy due to fear of judgement from others.  Since online therapy takes place in the privacy of your own home, office, or location of choice (the lake perhaps?) you are in full control of your surroundings—no “accidental” run-ins.

  • Confidentiality: Using online therapy provides clients with the same complete privacy and confidentiality afforded to in-office clients. All messaging and live video takes place through the Simple Practice platform, which is secure and HIPAA compliant.


When is Online Therapy NOT a Good Option?

While an online therapy subscription can be an excellent choice for many, it is not a good option for those who are in acute distress, experiencing suicidal ideation or psychosis, those under the age of 12, or adolescents who are non-compliant with therapy. How online-therapy can best meet your needs will be evaluated during the intake process.  

What About Teens?

Online therapy can be the perfect option for teens and their parents.  For many teens and young adults, digital communication is the platform of choice.  The option to check in as often as needed can be of significant therapeutic benefit for adolescents. The messages are asynchronous, so responses come an average of twice a day, up to 5 days a week.  The client can go in and message 24/7 but the response itself is metered a little – this helps build tolerance to ambiguity as well as increases the need, and ultimately the ability, to problem solve independently.  In addition, since online therapy takes place remotely the burden of getting your teen to and from appointments is no longer necessary. 

I live near Spring, TX – can I come in for a face to face appointment?

Absolutely!!  Video and phone sessions are offered for the convenience of the client.  If you live in the Houston area, or happen to be in the area for travel, you are welcome and encouraged to participate in a face to face session.  There is no additional fee to replace a remote session with one that takes place in the office. 


Can I use my insurance?

That depends.  If you live in Texas or California, and have *Tricare, or out of network benefits as part of your insurance plan you may be able to use your insurance to cover some, or all the cost.  You will still be responsible for the subscription fee, but you can be provided with documentation to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

*Tricare clients are only responsible for any copay that may be associated with their plan.

Subscription and Fees

The basic online subscription includes one 30-minute live session and access to unlimited 24/7 secure messaging.  New and prospective clients will also receive a 15-minute introductory live video for no additional fee.  Subscriptions are billed automatically the 1st Saturday of each month.  Clients starting more than 7 days into the month will have the second month prorated accordingly.  As with regular therapy you may cancel at any time.  You will have access to your account through the end of the month in which you cancel.

BASIC FEE: $234 per month ($54 per week)

  • Upgrade to 45-minute live video session + $25

  • Upgrade to 60-minute live vide session + $45



  • 30-minute: $54/session

  • 45-minute: $79/session

  • 60-minute: $99/session

  • Want weekly live video sessions?  You can purchase a pack of 3 45-minute sessions for $169 and get a free upgrade from a 30 to 45-minute monthly session. This means for around $400 a month you will get 4 45-minute live video sessions plus unlimited messaging.  At less than $95 per week this is a 30% savings compared to traditional in-office fees!


*You may send messages 24/7, however responses are provided 5 days a week (Sunday – Thursday).  Live sessions can be scheduled on non-messaging days as needed.

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