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Gail Wilson, LMFT

Spring, TX


My name is...

Therapy is best viewed as an interpersonal invitation offered by a trained professional to support clients in reaching their full potential, to better understand and manage their life problems, and to develop new skills and patterns of thinking that alter how the "problem" is understood by the client.


As a mental health

professional I am committed to providing quality and compassionate support to clients struggling with a wide range of relational,

behavioral, and

emotional issues.


I earned my

Master of Science in

Counseling Psychology, with an emphasis in child psychotherapy from California State University, East Bay. I am a passionate learner and keep

current more


I have been providing

emotional and behavioral support

to individuals and their families for over 15 years.  However, my work with children started long before that; as a girl scout leader, soccer coach, team mom and classroom volunteer I learned the

value of play 



Lasting change comes from

a quality relationship that includes

vulnerability, genuineness, unconditional positive regard, and the therapists’ ability to accurately understand the difficulties that have led you to this place.  My philosophy is founded on the belief that it is the therapists role to help the client develop the skills necessary to genuinely participate in life--

to live in the present, with innate trust,

and a willingness to examine and

confront your own

world view.  



17907 Kuykendahl Rd., Suite 104

Spring, Texas 77377


As a strength based

therapist I know that the client

clinician relationship is the most

important factor for success. 

So, lets meet! Email me at

to schedule your face to face consultation at

no charge.

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